How To Create A Backup Of Files Using Xender

Create a backup of all your files easily with the help of Xender Application and it is very easy to create these kinds of backups. Xender is a very popular application and millions of users have downloaded it. You can not only send and receive files but you can also create backups of all your files easily. In this way, the process of creating a backup is described below and you must follow the steps given below to create backups of all your data within minutes.


Create A Backup

Creating a backup is very simple and easy. You need another device where you can save all your data. Make sure to have enough space in your other device where you are going to send files using the Xender App. Select all your files and connect your device to another device. Create a backup and send all files to another device. In this way, you can save all your data on your secondary device.

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